Hemp + Lime

Nature and technique
The continuous research in the field of green building has led to the development of Natural Beton®, a new mixture whose components are CNB-Canabium® hemp shives and NLB-Natural Lime Binder®, based on hydrated lime. Copyright © 2015 Equilibrium Srl.
This product ensures the following benefits:
Thermal insulation
The microscopic structure of the hemp particleboard blocks the passage of heat and cold from the outside to the inside of the building and vice versa, thus improving the energy performance of the building itself
The material allows the passage of humidity, avoiding condensation phenomena on the walls of the building
Thanks to the combination of hemp particleboard and hydrated lime, the so-called Sick Building Syndrome is avoided, providing healthy environments, free of toxic substances.
The breathability of the material prevents the degradation phenomena, thus ensuring a remarkable durability of the buildings