Hemp and lime: by choice, not by chance.
The hemp plant can grow at any latitude from the seed up to 6 meters of height in just four months, without any need for pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. It regenerates the land on which it sprouts making nutrients and, during its life cycle, it captures high amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, storing it in its wood (330 kg per ton of dry matter).

The hemp wood (shives) has exceptional hygroscopic characteristics: its structure is rich of microcavities, where a large amount of water vapor gets stored. The big amount of silica present in its interior, moreover, has made it ideal as inert part in the mixtures based on hydrated lime. When mixed with the latter, the stalk mineralizes, switching from the plant to the mineral state, acquiring all its features: fire resistance, unappetizing to insects or rodents and resistant to mold or bacteria.

Lime is obtained through the calcination of limestone at much lower temperatures (-30%) than cement. Used in construction since from ancient times to sanitize environments, it facilitates the passage of the steam vapor through walls, thus reducing the problems associated with moisture and condensation.

Natural Beton®, so we call the mixture of hemp and lime which also composes the Biomattone®, is achieved by combining the hemp particleboard with a binder based on hydrated lime and natural additives. It is a breathable material that, unlike other vegetable fiber, has the ability to breathe, regulating the moisture present in the building, offering healthier environments and finally solving the annoying problem of moisture, the main cause of mold and bad air quality within the whole building. Natural Beton® and Biomattone® are the result of a low energy consumption manufacturing process with a resulting impact on the environment next to zero.

They help to reduce energy consumption of buildings (up to 40%) in restructuring and up to 80% in new constructions) and to improve the comfort of the occupants.

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